Call for tenders for an R&D project on bats and wind energy

R+D project "Evaluation of the current significance threshold for bats and wind turbines as well as comparative recording of bats with additional tower microphones at wind turbines" put out to tender

FKZ 3521 86 0300

Publication date: 02.07.2021
Deadline for submission of bids: 13.08.2021, 12:00 hrs (data without guarantee)

The previous significance threshold in many country guides, which determines how many dead bats per wind turbine (WT) and year are tolerable, is in most cases based on a calculation example that was carried out within the RENEBAT project and referred to two animals. Experts have pointed out in several publications that the threshold of up to two dead animals per WT per year is too high and also that negative impacts at least on the populations of some bat species cannot be excluded. This is to be feared in particular for wind farms, as cumulative effects are not currently considered.

The aim of the tendered project is the scientific derivation of a significance threshold for the killing of bats at wind turbines, which is decisive e.g. for the calculation of shutdown requirements by means of software solutions such as "ProBat", for nationwide application. This will contribute to the standardisation of nationwide handling by means of a technical derivation.

Furthermore, it is to be examined whether the installation of additional microphones on the tower of the wind turbines is necessary for nacelle monitoring, as experts regularly criticise the insufficient detection range of the nacelle microphone with the current or increasing dimensions of wind turbines. For this reason, the installation of additional microphones on the tower has already been ordered in the first approvals for wind turbines. Within the framework of the project, field investigations will be carried out in three different regions. In addition, data collected in the BfN-funded R&D project "Implementation of nature conservation research at the onshore wind test site" (Wind Test Site Baden-Württemberg) will be integrated as a further study region. The aim is to determine in which cases the use of additional microphones on the tower is reasonable and necessary and how the additionally recorded data can be integrated into the determination of shutdown times.

The documents of the call for tenders are available for download on evergabe-online.


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