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The topic of this project is to record and predict bird migration over the Federal Republic of Germany. Based on (weather) data and forecast models, possible procedures are to be identified to switch…

Wind turbines and a weather radar tower

Renewable energy: Regional Simulation Game

The project will evaluate at the regional level the assessment methodology and results of the previous project "Expansion scenarios for renewable energies from a nature conservation viewpoint", in…

An aerial view of Germany

Renewables in nature conservation monitoring

The project fills the gap of a missing overall view of the effects of the expansion of renewable energies on nature and landscape since 1991. The research project will examine the impact of the…


SuN-diverse – More biodiversity in solar farms

The expansion of solar energy, also on open land, will increase strongly in Germany in the next few years. The aim of the project is to improve the consideration of nature conservation issues in the…

Solaranlage auf einer grünen Wiese

Wind energy ramp up and species protection laws

In view of the climate crisis, the German Federal government has set itself the goal of increasing the share of renewable energies in gross electricity consumption to at least 80 % by 2030 and to 100…

Windenergieanlage von oben mit Feldern und Alleen


Wind as an economic factor: harmonising the interests of politics, industry, nature and citizens

Ein Logo mit einem Pfeil symbolisiert ein externes Projekt
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