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Habitat modelling as a planning basis for species protection

Protection measures for bird species at risk of collision are of great importance for the environmentally compatible expansion of wind energy. By developing habitat models, the project creates an…

View of a wind farm in a low mountain range landscape


Climate protection and nature conservation cannot be separated: The predicted climate developments will foreseeably lead to changes in landscapes and a considerable extinction of species. Renewable…

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Integration of solar energy into the Lower Saxony energy landscape (INSIDE)

The project will primarily demonstrate methods for determining potential.

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Landscape, protected areas and renewables

The research project investigates the management potential for site protection with particular emphasis on protected landscape areas. Particular attention was given to the scope for controlling the…

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Model concept for nature-compatible solar parks

Scientific investigations for the development of a model concept for nature-compatible and biodiversity-promoting solar parks.

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Monitoring the operation of WT in woodland – impacts on the avifauna

In the course of the energy transition, forests – habitats for woodpeckers, owls and other species of birds – are increasingly becoming sites for wind farms. Noises, movement or obscuration can have…

Wind turbines in a wooded area

NatForWINSENT II – Phase 1

The wind energy research cluster south (WindForS) will be commissioned in 2023 in the Swabian Jura (Germany) as the first wind energy test site in complex terrain in an inland area. The WINSENT test…

Wind meter on a mast in the test field

National natural landscapes and renewable energies

The project examined the question of what could constitute an ecologically sustainable energy transition in nature parks and biosphere reserves. Nature parks and biosphere reserves, as components of…

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Nature conservation associations in the network expansion

The project aims to include non-governmental nature conservation organisations to a greater extent in the national expansion of the network. The project includes approaches such as guidelines and…

Electricity pylons close to a lake

Offshore wind farms and seabirds

The project "Expansion of offshore wind energy in Germany: Effects on seabirds in the North and Baltic Seas" (OWP Seabirds) aims to investigate in more detail how offshore wind farms in operation…

Red cliff by the sea with many nesting birds
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