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TRACKBIRD - Bird migration over the North Sea and Baltic Sea and offshore wind energy

The aim of the project is to study the potential effects of offshore wind turbines on migratory birds and passage migrants.

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Wind energy ramp up and species protection laws

In view of the climate crisis, the German Federal government has set itself the goal of increasing the share of renewable energies in gross electricity consumption to at least 80 % by 2030 and to 100…

Windenergieanlage von oben mit Feldern und Alleen


WindGISKI Land use conflicts jeopardise the success of the energy transition. In many regions of Germany, citizens are campaigning against the expansion of wind energy because they are concerned…

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Workshop series "Bird Detection Systems"

Automatic bird detection systems have, in conjunction with the event-related operational curtailment of wind turbines, have the potential to reduce conflicts with the species protection law. The…

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