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The results in the BfN key topic "nature conservation and renewable energies" are published and made known in various ways. On this page you will find a selection of individual publications as well as information on how to search for further results, for example via our project database.

BfN expert discussion on nature conservation and renewable energies

"Accelerating planning and nature conservation in the expansion of onshore wind energy" on 13 November 2023

The last two years have been characterised by intensive efforts at federal  efforts to significantly increase the expansion of renewable energies as a central  and accelerate the achievement of climate targets. The  obstacles have included the lack of secured planning areas, the excessively long long planning and authorisation procedures and uncertainties in dealing with in dealing with species protection were recognised. A large number of new laws and legislative amendments were passed to counter these obstacles. these obstacles. Triggered by the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine and the resulting energy shortage, temporary emergency regulations were also emergency regulations were issued to secure the energy supply. The  handout for the BfN expert discussion on nature conservation and renewable energies "Accelerating planning and nature conservation in the expansion of onshore wind energy" (13 November 2023) provides a brief overview of the most important new regulations and provides practitioners in regional planning, licensing authorities, project developers and nature conservation wirth a brief overview of the relevant working aids and literature.


New method for GIS-based determination of potential areas for wind energy - compatible with nature and the landscape

When expanding the use of onshore wind energy, it is important to take nature conservation and landscape protection into account at an early stage. However, current model calculations for estimating the potential of wind energy take insufficient account of nature conservation and landscape protection. Therefore, they paint an incomplete picture of the distribution of land potential in Germany.

A new method developed in the R+D project "Planspiel EE" now makes it possible for the first time to derive land potentials and quotas transparently and comprehensibly on the basis of spatial criteria and overarching climate protection goals. The calculation of land quotas for photovoltaic use is possible with the method, too, as is adaptation at the subsequent planning levels of the Länder and regions.

A total of 3.6 % of the federal territory is suitable for wind energy use, even with comprehensive consideration of nature conservation and landscape protection. The expansion targets (area quotas) for the Länder should differ, as the suitable areas (area potentials) are also distributed differently in the Länder.

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Smart technologies for wildlife conservation and wind energy (11/2020)

400 experts from 20 nations took part in the colloquium. The participants work in the fields of science, business, regional planning and administration, among others, on nature and species conservation in the context of the energy transition. The lectures held on the first day of the colloquium were simultaneously translated into German and English. The recordings of the lectures are available in German and English on Youtube.


03.–04. November 2020: Vol. I – Presentations 03.11.2020


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Renewable Energy Report 2019

Delivering an environmentally compatible energy transition

The Renewable Energies Report 2019 is based on the results of more than 40 ongoing research projects at the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) on the nature-friendly expansion of renewable energies. In addition to species protection, the focus is on the aspects of "area" (i.e. economical and efficient use of the resource area) and "landscape" (greater consideration of the landscape as an object of protection, also from the point of view of acceptance).

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Naturschutz und Erneuerbare Energien

Forschung im BfN-Themenschwerpunkt

Die Broschüre gibt einen Überblick über das BfN-Themenfeld und stellt eine Auswahl aktueller Projekte vor. Stand 2018.


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