Mann schaut über eine Mittelgebirgs-Landschaft
„Die Karte der Schönheit“, Dokumentarfilm von Marco Kugel, Deutschland 2018–2022 Sein+Hain Film/Die Karte der Schönheit

Landscape and power grid expansion - current documentary film

Landscape in the focus of a BfN research project - first broadcast of the documentary "The Map of Beauty" on 3sat on 17.04.2023.

The titled map (or maps) is based on the BfN research and development project "Entwicklung eines Bewertungsmodells zum Landschaftsbild beim Stromnetzausbau" (FKZ 3515 82 2800). The project developed an assessment method for the nationwide area under consideration in order to be able to incorporate landscape aspects into the planning processes, especially in the case of cross-border projects such as the construction of new power lines. The broad participation of citizens through an online evaluation of representative landscape photos from all over Germany was essential in order to complement the knowledge of experts: subjective impressions thus become objectively and statistically comparable data or maps that can improve planning. The focus of the R&D project was the fundamental concept of the Federal Nature Conservation Act - the "uniqueness, diversity and beauty" of a landscape to be protected.

Marco Kugel, director and cameraman, was so fascinated by the topic that he explored the question of landscape beauty with his new film. From 2018 to 2021, he accompanied the project team led by Prof. Dr. Michael Roth (HS für Wirtschaft und Umwelt, Nürtingen-Geislingen) with his camera as they further developed the assessment method "on location". In completely different landscapes in Brandenburg, on the Lower Rhine, in the Black Forest, in Hamburg and on the Schleswig-Holstein North Sea coast, local residents, representatives of the Federal Network Agency, the Ministry for Landscape and the Environment of the State of Brandenburg, the Black Forest Association and the Environmental Agency for the Oder-Spree District have their say.

Through the impressive images and the numerous interviews on various examples for which the method was further developed, the film stimulates discussion about scenic beauty and how to deal with it - not only in planning procedures. Accompanied by many landscape shots, the result is a multi-layered film that addresses, stimulates and enriches the current discussion on how to deal with interventions in the landscape.

"Die Karte der Schönheit", documentary film by Marco Kugel, Germany 2018-2022, first broadcast on 17.04.2023, 22:25-23:50, 3sat (premiere at the documentary film week Hamburg 2022);

Available online until 16.05.2023 in the media library of 3sat

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Research paper: "Entwicklung eines Bewertungsmodells zum Landschaftsbild beim Stromnetzausbau", BfN-Skripten 597 (2021)