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Preparation of an investigation concept for the nature conservation impacts of floating PV systems in stillwaters

BfN call for tenders for an R&D project on floating PVs

The aim of the project is to develop a multi-year study concept to identify and assess the construction-, operation-, installation- and dismantling-related impacts of floating PV installations in stillwaters on nature conservation and landscape management issues.

The study concept is to be prepared for two variants: a) new installation (studies before and after installation, e.g. BACI-design or a comparable study design) and b) existing installation (studies after installation and e.g. parallel studies on a comparable water body without PV installation). In addition, proposals should be made in the study concept as to how the characteristics or initial qualities (e.g. species composition, sensitivity, rarity of species, possibly existing conservation goals and purposes at the site) of the various stillwaters under consideration for plant construction can be taken into account in the studies (e.g. still actively used quarry pond or open-cast mining lake, with a long history of active use, dam, fish farm).

In a final step, a methodology should be developed to summarise the impacts of floating PV installations on species, habitats and the landscape, in order to be able to derive prioritisations or provide technical justification for the exclusion of certain water bodies.

Project title: "Naturschutzfachliche Auswirkungen (NatSchFachlA) von schwimmenden PV-Anlagen; Teilvorhaben 1: Erstellung eines Untersuchungskonzeptes für die NatSchFachlA von schwimmenden PV-Anlagen in Stillgewässern",

Further information on the Gemand federal tender platform: evergabe-online

Deadline for submission of bids: 04.01.2023 12:00h

Reference: 3522151501 - FR

Awarding authority: Federal Agency for Nature Conservation

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