Karte Deutschlands mit den Potenzialen für Windenergie
Bosch & Partner


New method for GIS-based determination of potential areas for wind energy - compatible with nature and the landscape

When expanding the use of onshore wind energy, it is important to take nature conservation and landscape protection into account at an early stage. However, current model calculations for estimating the potential of wind energy take insufficient account of nature conservation and landscape protection. Therefore, they paint an incomplete picture of the distribution of land potential in Germany.

A new method developed in the R+D project "Planspiel EE" now makes it possible for the first time to derive land potentials and quotas transparently and comprehensibly on the basis of spatial criteria and overarching climate protection goals. The calculation of land quotas for photovoltaic use is possible with the method, too, as is adaptation at the subsequent planning levels of the Länder and regions.

A total of 3.6 % of the federal territory is suitable for wind energy use, even with comprehensive consideration of nature conservation and landscape protection. The expansion targets (area quotas) for the Länder should differ, as the suitable areas (area potentials) are also distributed differently in the Länder.


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