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Floating PV – An investigation concept for the nature conservation impacts

PV systems on artificial and heavily modified water bodies also serve to implement the EEG (§ 36 WHG). The first systems have gone into operation on artificial stillwaters, although the nature…

Ein Feld schwimmender Solarmodule auf einem See

Follow-up study probabilistics

The aim of the project is to develop – on the basis of a precursor study – an probabilistic model for the red kite which is applicable in permitting processes.


Habitat modelling as a planning basis for species protection

Protection measures for bird species at risk of collision are of great importance for the environmentally compatible expansion of wind energy. By developing habitat models, the project creates an…

View of a wind farm in a low mountain range landscape

Innovation for overhead power lines

The energy transition requires expansion of the power grid, but there is a low acceptance of power masts. This project therefore aims to develop innovative systems for masts and cables in the 380 kV…



Climate protection and nature conservation cannot be separated: The predicted climate developments will foreseeably lead to changes in landscapes and a considerable extinction of species. Renewable…

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ISEAD – Intelligent Sea Animal Detection

The research project aims to use AI to recognise birds and marine mammals (harbour porpoises) 50 times faster on image and video material.

IfAÖ Institute for Applied Ecosystem…

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Land availability for onshore wind energy

The goal is to calculate the land availabilty for the expansion of onshore wind energy.

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Landscape, protected areas and renewables

The research project investigates the management potential for site protection with particular emphasis on protected landscape areas. Particular attention was given to the scope for controlling the…

 A sign: Landscape conservation area

Monitoring the operation of WT in woodland – impacts on the avifauna

In the course of the energy transition, forests – habitats for woodpeckers, owls and other species of birds – are increasingly becoming sites for wind farms. Noises, movement or obscuration can have…

Wind turbines in a wooded area

Movement ecology and spatial use of the red kite

Which land use types and landscape structures influence the movement decisions of red kites and what role do wind turbines play in this?

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