Current BfN call for proposals on storage technologies

R&D project "Impacts of storage technologies and needs and hydrogen process chains and needs on nature conservation concerns".

The object of investigation of the research and development project is the current and future storage needs of RES-E in the areas of electricity, heating/cooling and fuels, both short-term and long-term storage on a national level, including hydrogen process chains and needs. Synergies through sector coupling are also to be considered. On the basis of an overview of current and future storage technologies, their relevance in the energy system is to be estimated. This forms the basis for a compilation and assessment of the impacts of the various storage technologies on nature conservation issues.

The basis for the derivation and nature conservation assessment are work packages 1 to 3. In these, the most relevant and promising storage technologies as well as further developments of storage components are to be described in the form of profiles with regard to their mode of operation, economic efficiency and their risks and opportunities for nature conservation (work package 1); the predicted expansion paths and quantities, but also land requirements for the various storage technologies, distribution grids and for the provision of primary energy are to be compiled with the help of a meta-analysis of existing scenarios and, if necessary, backed up with own calculations. (work package 2); and to analyse political goals, strategies, support programmes and regulations with regard to their orientation and steering effect (work package 3).

On the basis of these analyses, it is to be examined which storage technologies will have which future relevance in the market and which technologies and which storage expansion paths at which expansion speed and with which capacities are the most realistic in each case (subdivision into targets until 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045). From this, conclusions are to be drawn for nature conservation (work package 4). Specifically for hydrogen imports, the sustainable potentials, the effectiveness and the development potential for sustainability certificates as well as further options for ensuring ecological harmlessness are to be investigated (work package 5).

Development scenarios for environmentally compatible expansion paths are to be identified and effective recommendations for action for the ecologically sustainable expansion of storage technologies and associated distribution infrastructures, as well as further research needs, are to be named (work package 6).

Call for tenders

The tender documents have been published on the federal evergabe platform on 23.08.2023.

Direct link: https://www.evergabe-online.de/tenderdocuments.html?1&id=534516

Deadline for submission is 09.10.2023, 10:00h

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