Federal Agency for Nature Conservation - Call for proposals: "Discussion forum: Ways and options for action for a nature-compatible energy transition".

Political pressure to increase the pace of renewable energy expansion has recently increased significantly. Nevertheless, the goal must continue to be an expansion that is compatible with nature. This requires extensive participation of nature conservation at the levels of science, planning and implementation. This is the only way to achieve the goal of preserving biodiversity in view of the increasing relevance of the expansion of renewable energies to land use. This requires early discussion and inclusion of concerns in order to design laws and guidelines well and to keep conflict situations on site as low as possible in individual cases. This is necessary to create synergies between climate and biodiversity protection and to minimise conflicts.

The project helps to offer and discuss solution options and to transport them into the political arena. In three events, each with strategically suitable discussion partners, the range of possible solutions already available from a nature conservation perspective is to be increased, new approaches to solutions are to be discussed with relevant decision-makers and alliances are to be found for the implementation of certain goals and approaches. In this way, nature conservation is to be supported in playing an active role in the expansion of renewable energies.

The aim of the project is to organise and carry out discussion events in which current, politically relevant topics in the context of "nature conservation and energy transition" are addressed at short notice and options for action are identified and discussed. For newly emerging topics or for the development of tailor-made solutions, additional topic-specific expert reports are to be prepared to develop and support positions.

Possible topics could be:

  • Future technologies in the field of renewable energies and their impact on nature conservation goals,
  • Heat transition and nature conservation,
  • Hydrogen and storage technologies and nature conservation
  • Use of smart technologies for species conservation

The tender documents have been published in German on July 7, 2022.

Direct link: www.evergabe-online.de

The deadline for submission is August 19, 2022, 12:00hrs

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