Teilnehmende des BfN-Fachgesprächs
BfN/Frank Peters

BfN-Panel: „Solar energy: paths to a nature-friendly built-up"

The new position paper of the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) describes how an environmentally compatible expansion of solar energy can succeed. BfN President Sabine Riewenherm presented the contents of the paper at the BfN-Panel on 26 October in Berlin.

BfN-Panel: „Solar energy: paths to a nature-friendly built-up",  Berlin, 26. October 2022 – in attendance and online

Following the presentation, a high-ranking panel discussed criteria for the environmentally compatible expansion of solar energy and the opportunities that this can offer for nature conservation.

A large number of participants - about 70 people on site at the conference centre in the House of the Federal Press Conference and about 300 people online - followed the lively expert discussion with great interest. The participants included state offices, regional planning and planning offices, municipalities, photovoltaic project developers, law firms as well as financial institutions and the scientific community, be it colleges, universities or research institutions.

Downloads (in German only):

Impulsvortrag Prof. Dr. Elke Hietel, Technische Hochschule Bingen

Impulsvortrag Marianna Roscher, Deutscher Städte- und Gemeindebund

BfN-Fachgespräch „Wege zum naturverträglichen Ausbau der Solarenergie“

BfN-Positionspapier „Eckpunkte für einen naturverträglichen Ausbau der Solarenergie“


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