Project title: Further development of shut-down guidelines for protecting bats from wind turbine operation based on previously developed methods and the determination of funding models for the long-term guarantee of statutory species protection regulations.


  • Calculation of specific cut-off algorithms for wind turbines
  • Further development of the ProBat software
  • Web-based application and monitoring


Naturstiftung David
Trommsdorffstr. 5, 99084 Erfurt
Adrian Johst
Tel.: +49 361 5550330


FKZ 3518 86 0300
Departmental research plan 2018
Term: December 2018 – July 2021

The software tool ProBat 7.0 calculates bat-friendly cut-in wind speeds for onshore wind turbines (WT). This operational management helps to minimise the killing risk for bats (collision or barotrauma) and allows a more efficient operation of the installations compared to blanket switch-on or switch-off requirements

The ProBat software calculates site-specific shut-down algorithms for wind turbines based on the scientific research results from the RENEBAT projects and subject to various environmental parameters and the measured bat activity. From the user perspective, a need for improvement in various areas was identified. During the project term, Version 6.1 was further developed up to Version 7.0.

The new Version 7.0 provides better tools to authorities and wind farm operators to verify the correct use of the tool and the compliance of turbine operation with the cut-in wind speeds calculated. There are also additional natural regions integrated in the software close to the coast and in the south of Germany. It is now easier to include additional parameters as temperature and precipitation into the development of a bat-friendly WT operation.


In the run-up to the application an initial scope of services was compiled with the different user groups. This was refined once more before the start of the project. The contract for programming Version 7.0 was be awarded to the project partners. As the lead partner, the Naturstiftung David organised the exchange of experience with the different user groups and leads the development of a concept for the long-term safeguarding of the further development of ProBat.


Download of ProBat 7.0: www.probat.org

BfN-series “InPractice”

An issue of the BfN-series “InPractice”was also published on the research project.

Artwork: Ralf Simon


Work packages

Work packages

  1. Supporting the current ProBat Version 6.1
  2. Developing ProBat Version 7.0
  3. Guaranteeing the administrative sustainability of ProBat
  4. Promoting the dialogue between nature conservation stakeholders and the wind energy sector for a wide acceptance of the use of ProBat

Project partners

Project partners

Project management

Naturstiftung David
Trommsdorffstr. 5, 99084 Erfurt
Adrian Johst
Tel: +49 361 5550330

Project partners

OekoFor GbR
Vordere Poche 11, 79104 Freiburg

oikostat GmbH
Rothmättli 16, CH - 6218 Ettiswil

Funding authority

Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)
FG II 4.3 Nature conservation and renewable energies
Alte Messe 6, 04103 Leipzig
Nora Köcher
Tel.: +49 341 30977 166

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